A Statue of Eros

Who carved Love
and placed him by
this fountain,
he could control
such fire
with water?

Zenodotos (325 b.c) translated by Peter Jay

Margaret Humphrey & Asako Hirabayashi 

Virtuoso violinist Margaret Humphrey and award winning composer and harpsichordist Asako Hirabayashi share their newest endeavor, Cerulean Fire, along with frequent guests, in a format devoted to new and old music in creative juxtaposition. They carry forward their vision of creating compelling programs that include guest artists specializing in a variety of music genres. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of music and increase the general publics' awareness and appreciation of concerts with historical instruments, through making our music available and accessible for everyone. We do this by advancing contemporary repertoire using baroque instruments, to make our performances more diverse through collaborating with Jazz, Latin, Japanese and other ethnic musicians and dancers, to remove boundaries between classical and non-classical music, and draw more audiences from all walks of life.

Copyright © 2013 all rights reserved by Cerulean Fire

Photos by Stephanie Colgan & Tomy O"Brien