What a magnificent concert!! I loved the selections of the music and the variety of styles and instruments....Your outstanding musicianship came through in the arrangements as well. I was also very excited to see the kids dancing with the “live band”!! 

Marina Liadova ( conductor and music educator) 

The 40th Anniversary Concert was a wonderful success for JASM and for the Japan related Community. There was an excellent turnout for truly outstanding performance by the talented musicians such as Margaret Humphrey under the leadership of Asako.

J.Bernard van Lierop ( executive director of Japan American society of Minnesota)

Boy, that was great! Wish I had a recording of it. Hrabayashi's arrangements are so novel. Best arrangement ever of Kojo no Tsuki. That is a favorite of mine, and I must have at least five recordings of it.....

Terry Davis ( scientist retired from 3M, Minnesota Bonsai Society)

Thanks for the wonderful evening! You will never know how much we appreciated. Japan is my mother country and enjoy what she offers to us very much. I am back to Japan every eary to enjoy, but it is with all new perspective to see and hear the music and the culture here in Minnesota. 

K. Tony Taniguchi ( professional interpreter )